Created in collaboration with RPM,
the goal was to drive audiences to register on Apple MUSIC, stream and watch the film, and to inspire people to create sharable moments on the streets. The media strategy involved a combination of a geo-fenced OOH poster installations, amplified with tear-away posters, and live urban projections offered an alternative to traditional OOH media tactics and instead engages the audience on the streets and directly on their mobile phones.
SR x VisuWall
OOH Campaign:
At the heart of the OOH Campaign were eye-level poster
installations in vacant storefronts, created in collaboration with
VisuWall. Prominent placements in neighborhoods where creatives and
influencers live, work and play placed the artwork among like-minded
artists as well as allowing our target audience to discover Sampha for
the first time. VisuWall geofenced the address of each location in
London and New York and did an online ad-buy intended to increase
visibility and drive to Apple MUSIC to listen/stream.
Tear-away Posters:
The night-time projections included audio andfeatured tear-away posters in each market.
SR x Scenester
Created in collaboration with Scenester, the projections
teased clips from Kahlil Joseph's stunning 37-minute film in carefully
curated high-visibility areas in London and New York.
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