Ford Mobility
As part of our on-going collaboration with Ford,
GTB and Westfield at the WTC, we created two distinct
campaigns that uniquely demonstrate Ford’s leadership role
in our mobile future and drive foot traffic to the Ford Hub.

With Explore, Play, Consider, Imagine, and Discover as our ethos,
we point to mobility as a solution and a smarter way of life.
What If
The first campaign- “What If”- turns the screens into an open
conversation. Through playful questions, we highlight how
small changes and innovative thinking can make people’s lives
better and give us more freedom to move.

Our goal was to inspire curiosity with metaphorical questions,
tactile objects, and playful vignettes. The unexpected hand-
made quality, gives the brand a new and surprising look-
appealing to a younger audience.
To create a sense of optimism and pique curiosity, we mixed
stop motion with illustration, 3d and live-action for a whimsical
and graphic feel.
Move Freely
As an extension of the “What If” campaign, we created a bold,
graphic messaging system to emphasize the Hub’s arrival and
encourage visitors more directly.

The oversized typography, vibrant gradients and poster-like
designs stand out in the space and work particularly well in
the horizontal format.
Behind the Scenes
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