The team at SR were tasked with the unveiling of yet another exciting Google product - the Jamboard, a digital tool that changes the way we collaborate today. We created a story that dynamically moves between live action, animated UI content and photoreal 3D, with clever storytelling, product features and seamlessly designed transitions.

Jamboard is an exciting new way to bridge the gap between analog and digital and is built to let teams foster creativity and brainstorm more freely. Let's jam!
The live action tells the story of the collaborative world of Jamboard in which teams can jot down ideas, sketch out plans or frame up an idea in seconds, and work together in real-time with co-workers across the globe. On the user experience side we see people jam as they intuitively draw with a stylus, erase with their hand, move images with a playful swipe, while we juxtapose this to the complex architecture of the hardware, with 3D sequences that give the viewer an accurate 360 view of this exemplary technology.
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