Lifetime Movies Rebrand
Lifetime fanatics should NOT be ashamed, they should embrace their love for the network, own it, and enjoy it. Using the actual movie titles as our jumping off point, we employ the visual language of iconic movie posters, treating our endpages with custom typographic layouts which give the promos a trailer-esque feel. The end result is an ownable, cohesive look that is both sophisticated and tongue-in-cheek.

Poster Endpages
The promo endpages are the heroes of this network package. With the movie title front and center, we use this opportunity to dial in the poster aesthetic with a range of looks including custom typography and movie inspired font pairings. The animation varies depending on the type setting.
Movie Ratings: An Icon System
An icon system is used to rate the movie at the start of a promo:
Killer Mom? Check. Hot Boyfriend? Check. Broken Marriage? Check.
We also utilize the animated icon library to create large scale equations
for network IDs that are playful and mysterious.
To create a movie poster feel, we use a range of color tints and washes on the footage. This cinematic effect improves legibility and creates a variety of moods from poppy and playful to menacing, suspenseful and seductive. A palette of accent colors, inspired by the hero Lifetime brand play off of these backgrounds, for a unique and colorful feel.
Type System
We compose our lock-ups to feel big, dramatic, and play off the footage. With exception for the movie titles, all network navigation is set in the Lifetime Brand Fonts Avenir and Freight.
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