Science is NOT boring – it's MIND BLOWING. The programming delivers mystery, fun, and excitement. Our dynamic and versatile branding system not only keeps up with the energetic programming, but places it center stage.
The refreshed Science Channel logo is bold, graphic, and creates an optical illusion that hints at science as unexpected and mind blowing. It’s not only used as the primary expression of the brand, but also as a navigational element throughout the package.
Logo Application:
Color Palette & Promo Buckets
We've introduced four buckets into our Promo Package system. Each bucket is genre specific and includes two unique color palettes.
Type System
Graphic Elements
We've designed a set of science-inspired graphic elements and patterns based on the shape of the new logo. The patterns are used subtly over footage or solid backgrounds as an added layer of texture. They're used as compositional details creating a rich graphic world where every shape relates back to the form of the logo.
Additional Credits
Executive Producer: Maggie Meade
Head of Production: Joanna Fillie
Producer: Paul Schneider
Animation: Richard Gibson, Adam Rush, Cyprian Sadlon
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