In 2015, we redesigned the Syfy brand, transforming it from a white controlled environment to a detailed cinematic world. At the heart of the identity is a continually transforming logo that simultaneously emerges and recedes into living surfaces, or into the footage itself.
Using a simple grid a small set of type sizes and a single weight of Syfy's signature typeface we've created a system that is crisp, clear and very strongly branded.
Syfy's content spans everything from spaceships in the future, labs in the present or gladiatorial arenas in ancient times. A library of material was created to be evocative of this wide range of content while remaining open to interpretation. This approach provides easily adaptability to future programming.
Additional Credits
Executive Producer: Maggie Meade
Head of Production: Joanna Fillie
Designer: Theo Daly
Animator: Andrew Chung
Designer/Animator: Edwin Santacruz
Animator: Kit Lam
Producer: Anna Toyama/Barbara Kontarovich
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