Stella Artois World Water Day

  • Branding
  • Experiential
  • Live Action


Stella Artois teamed with to raise awareness and give access to clean water to those in need in the developing world. Our team helped spread this message using the iconic Chalice on the multiple LED screens located in the WWTC, leading up to an installation event on World Water Day in the Oculus of the World Trade Center.


Our juxtaposed imagery of the iconic Stella Artois Chalice with footage of water bubbles created a new but strong association between Stella Artois and water. This shared awareness of the clean drinking water issue facing the developing world and incited people to join on World Water Day. Buying just 1 Chalice would provide a person in the developing world 5 years of clean water – hence, the 1 Chalice = 5 years messaging.

World Water Day

On World Water Day, the messaging was updated to tie-in with the installation Stella Artois and Water. org had created in the main space of the Oculus. In place of the water bubbles were now multiple rising balloons in shades from white to dark blue, mimicking the organic motion of water bubbles.